I’ve a Dream to Realize

I've Dream to RealizeI came into library and information master program in University of Indonesia quite late, I remember it’s on September 2011. I was 22 when I started the program. Firstly it was a very difficult time for me. I’d sort of finally found of knowledge that I really wanted to do in my life, but there was a price to pay, I guess it was very wonder. At whole time I’d not be late for college, collect the tasks on time, presented to class papers panel discuss, and role at major community of library and information students. so, it was a real struggle and I think I would have given up had it not been something that I really wanted to do.

I making every effort to become a better student. Everyday I met many best friends, they also had of good spirit to studied. One day It’s nine past eight in the morning. I’ve visited the University Library before to find out if there’s anything which the references need for my paper tasks and reorganize it and prepare it for future use. I do a lot of things before I leave the University Library. Searching and try to catch some of the information from collections as I can. I remembered in the practical class I studied how to classified the collections, how to made the best subject, how to retrieved information in computer or database, especially how to good reader. Wow it’s very useful that I got in class before.

I thought the library was held our needs of knowledge, that is why to use the library useful we need training, because it would be able to make efficient use of all the information that is available and potentially useful. So, the library include an adequate coverage of my study needs and I’ve come to mindful of the questions ;

What do I need to do?
Where I could I go?
How do I get to the information?
Which resources shall I use?
How shall I use the resources?
What should I make a record of?
Have I got the information I need?
How should I present it?
and….What have I achieved?

Now I’ve been finished My mid-test. I prayed to tried again and again, One day I’ll be continue to study abroad for scholarship in Major of Library and Information Sciences or related.


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