The Best of I Ever Had Mother

Hello everybody out there. I’ve story about the one of my favourite song with my life journey. Ummm…I loved Enya’s single, it’s May it Be. I remember it’s on July 2006 when I started college in Yogyakarta I found this song on the one of the Lord of the Rings movie original sound track. Afterwards it composed by Irish musician Enya. So what does the special meaning like? Alright I tell you now. The song gave Me many memories of time about my mother.

I think one of person I admire in my family is my mother. She’s now 45 years old. She’s a very well-respected member of our family. She’s a very determined woman, full of curiousities, she always speaks her mind, and even now that she’s in home all the time. Now she lives at an old people’s home, she’s still very forthright with her views. I think in some ways I’m like her but I try to be a little more diplomatic than she’s always been. It is been so long since I took the time to share from deep inside of me, when my mother always to know what I feel. I can stand alone more than usual. I know she hear me everytime, since the first time, she always seem understand. When I kept I can’t sleep and got sick because of the condition that disturb me. All around it’s no a way out, I tried and never felt that way before, but she said to me “I miss the best thing you do dear son.”

I just think so much to her there wasn’t any doubt and give drive me away from all of problems. My pride and my mind let the reason will stay alive. This more and more from everything because she let me be the one she can trust. Actually it’s very difficult time for me before, I don’t know maybe also the other. I’d sort of finally found the experience that I really wanted to do in my life, but there was a price to pay, I guess it was very wonder. Firstly, I know it’s not easy but I tried. When I looking her eyes in my times, I know she can feel my heart beat. No shadow call and no frozen anymore. She understand that I’ve time to be better, absolutely how lucky I’m to be her son. I can wait more to love her so much and I hope she will be happy everytime. I felt that I don’t wanna be along in this time, what can I say what can I do to make her smile. I want to say to her if I don’t wanna say goodbye with her advices although everything are changes.

Oh God it’s amazing…she take my hand like she could seen inside of me. I’ll here stand for her from each of moments. I just to know I’m not perfect, but I believe I’m gonna be her very true son, because of it I’m not afraid and sad about my problems. Someday, when it’s been around to us, I can walk to the one road and believe if I’ll find the way. I’ve been feeling, now I should be more aware, if I’ll be so lonely to be the only one who’s smile about hard of life, She is the one of the answer for everything and the key of happiness. So that when I shared with each other for better life, She hope to me, if I will never give up to help other although it was simply thing ever. Now and tomorrow I’ll remember her words “Never too late if you wanna show your heart and give your hand to make everyone smiles everytime, it means that you’re life.” Grateful thanks my beloved mother, “You’re The Best of I Ever Had Mother.”‘ ^_^


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