Friendship Makes Me Better

To begin this writing with, I take prayer for all people in my life in the hope that God will always bless them, I met people and friend wich has kindness and the mercy. I saw, friendship plays important role to advance life. I believe by friendship people in our life will develop the tolerance, peace attitude by which we could help each other, respect and communicate by means of one slogan: “friendship for peaceful life as we are brothers.”

In several times, I saw my friends have been busy for their activities, but they’re happy to do that, and I’m happier to have they here like as family when as the date indicates visit and invite me, I do hope that they will enjoy to get activities with me, and I’m happy to find them next time in very healthy manner. Yeah being healthy is values, some people said that.

In each time as the some activities begin, I found staying with them; same as usual they’re happy to perform the best thing in part of simple life of them for other people, Gladly speaking I’m proud with them again and again “good job my friend.” They always said to me “today is better than yesterday, but tomorrow must be better ever,” and I always keep it.

I’ve been feeling, now I should be more aware, if I’ll be so lonely to be the only one who’s smile about hard of life, my friend is the answer for everything and the key of happines. When we shared with each other for better life, they said will never give up to help other although it was simply thing ever. I said “wow It’s made our life usefully didn’t we?” I don’t know how I should thank you to all friend and people who was supported me; except God, the Merciful who will save and bless them. Thanks for all, because of you I’m not lonely in all my times.


8 thoughts on “Friendship Makes Me Better

  1. Thank you so much for the choosing our devotional as a related article to your post~~ we hope and pray that many people will be bless when they read it. God bless you ~~^^*

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