Homeland Day Trips

Lombok Island

Lombok Island

Weiw…interesting I remember litle about my homeland day trips, it is like a short holiday. I go somewhere and come back on the same day. When I was child I remember I used to go on day trips to the beach or day trips to the mountainside. When I was a child I lived in East Lombok with my beloved family, we often had visitors and we took them to local scrumptious places of interest on day trips, for example Sendang Gile Water Fall, Kuta Beach, Narmada Water Park, BanyumulekSasak Pottery’ Village, Gili Terawangan, and Mountainside of Rinjani. That’s great places for a day trips. Especially for Rinjani Mountain I was joined to Rinjani’s tracking with my high school student tracking community ‘Youth Rinjani Club’ on July 2006. Rinjani was the second highest mountaint in Indonesia and it was one of Indonesian National Park, it has 3.726 m. I saw great landscapes from Rinjanis top such as Segara Anak Lake 1.100 ha, Susu Cave, Baru Jari Mountain, Sangkareang Hill.


Beside on my homeland day trips I was appreciated for Sasak ethnic local culture like Presean and Gendang Beleq. Presean is a folk war dance. Young men duel with rattan sticks and shields made of cow leather. An orchestra provides the musical background to entertain the audience and support the fighters supportively and Gendang Beleq is one indigenous dance in Lombok. While dancing, the dancer will also skillfully play the big drum. In the past time, this dance was performed to farewell soldiers heading off to battle and again when they welcomed home. This dance is now performed to welcome important guests. Lombok was one of my homeland as well as my dreamland it was great reason to love Lombok, yay… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Homeland Day Trips

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  2. OMG that’s awesome place brother! I hope sometime you’ll invite me to visit your homeland, and we “nggembel” again as before when we go fucking up the sindoro mountain! ^_^ hahaha

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