I Got My Chocolates and a Favourite Book

I think one of person I admire in my family is my grandmother. She’s now 79 years old. She’s a very well-respected member of our family. She’s a very determined woman, full of curiousities, she always speaks her mind, and even now that she’s in home all the time. Now she lives at an old people’s home, she’s still very forthright with her views. I think in some ways I’m like her but I try to be a little more diplomatic than she’s always been.

One day I think that’s a great idea to eat a bar of chocolate then I’m singing to get out from my room “Chocolate…chocolate…did I chocolatoholics?…Yes I’m!” I burst into song “Oooh that’s very nice idea! I mean I like chocolates, I don’t absolutely adore it but I do, I have to say I’m very fond of it. I do like chocolates, I could say I love chocolates. Oh I love chocolates.”

Suddenly my grandma heard, she was smile up in front and said to me “Oh dear, that sound was good.” I kept quiet “Alright, I have known before, but I want to ask you, if can answer it I’ll give you three bar of chocolates, deal?” I said “Ummm…that’s prety cool O.K I deal!” My grandma ask “Could you read this book by skimming in ten minutes and…would you please explain to me about this book?

When ten minutes was over I answered loudly “That is Bung Hatta isn’t it?” I said again “Bung Hatta…ummm…he was born in Bukittinggi West Sumatera on August 12nd 1902, umm…when he was child he was very modestly, he likes read books, and he was the first Vice President of Indonesia.” My grandma said “That it is Dear, congrats you’ve go it!” Then finally I got three bar of chocolates I scared “Hurray I got these.” Then my grandma said again “Dear listen to me if you have finished, you might be good for cleaning your teeth, O.K?” I said by smile up “O.K grandma, I’m waiting for your next question tomorrow.”

I just remember about this book, it was Mohammad Hattathe founding father” Biography. I said “Grandma how did you got this book?” My grandma said “Dear it was a new book for you a gift from your beloved mother, she hopes that you love it and I have choosen to recomended for you.” Oh I’m very very proud about it, how lucky I’m on the day. “Thanks grandma, I love you so much mother, I’ll finished it for you.” 🙂

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