The Problem Solver : Be a good Listener and Reader

The Problem Solver  Be a good Listener and Reader

Be a good Listener and Reader

Some people have an incessant need to talk, most of us actually, while we only have a handful of good listeners…but ever wondered who does that listener talk to? Who listens to him? he can have his monday blues too or he can be feeling a little low too…why is it that when you take great pain to explain how much pain you are in then people somehow devalue your problem? Seemingly they have a hard time believing that you can be in that great pain, because if you were, you would be more busy suffering from it than actually talking about it…why is your own version of your own problem always thought of as an exaggeration? And why cannot anyone just listen to you?? You have listened to what people had to say wholeheartedly more than you would have liked…placing yourself in their position and responding earnestly and yet logically rather than dismissing with nonchalant comments like “Uhmm,” “Ok” or “I agree” and then jumping in too soon to cut you off and start talking again! Why does every medium of communication come with a barrier??

You try and talk to your friend, they are too keen to feed you with advises than listen to you, you go to a guy friend and he is too eager to find you a solution ignoring the emotional aspect of your talk, you go to a therapist and he redirects the conversation to make you see the brighter side and by the time you manage to say what you really wanted to, your time is up! you talk in social media, over phone, the battery is dead, you talk via messages and after a point your hands cannot keep up with your thoughts, you have a friend over, but he has to rush home, you call her over for nightstay but then she would rather have something else to do…and if you talk a bit too much then you run the risk of being told “How many times do I have to tell you…blah blah blah.”

So basically if you mention something that has been deeply troubling you for too long, you would be fed with vain advise, solutions, time outs or simply told that you have exceeded your limit or quota of discussing the same problem again and your friend is not willing to listen to you anymore! They would quote the most inspirational people, literally force you to see the positive side but wont let you talk about the negative that has been troubling you!!! Now if anyone asks me to talk, I tell myself, whats the point? Half an hour is all this person would have for me, after that he would start attempting to shut me up with wisdom of other people which he never imbibed in his own life, and I’m guilty of desiring a good listener who can listen to me or anyone in no rush and earnestly, not in a hurry to boast his own theories or come to faulty conclusions, and I aspire to be kind of a good listener and reader then problem solver ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, how about you guys?

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2 thoughts on “The Problem Solver : Be a good Listener and Reader

  1. Wow! I am almost tempted to repost this in my blog…simply because it’s amazing!!! This is exactly what on my innermost that i’ve longed to express. But ur words are far better than mine๐Ÿ‘Œ.

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