Timun Bengkok

Hello everyone, in this moment I want to introduce one of folklore from The Sasak Tribes that who live mainly in my Homeland, that’s was Lombok Island, it’s about family story and the title is Timun Bengkok. Timun was Sasaq Language and in English means cucumber, this is it :

Once upon time at near the forest lived a poor family. They were a father, mother and two daughters. She was Timun Bengkok (the cucumber) and her sister. She had a step mother. One day her father looked for fire wood in the huge forest.

Her sister was starving at home and her step mother didn’t care of them. When her father went home, he always found that her daughter cried because of being hunger.

‘Why were our daughters crying’, he asked. ‘I didn’t know’ answered his wife. I feed them the meal, but they don’t like. ‘You could cook the rice in the floor’, his wife said. He believed what his wife said.

While their father was in the forest, her sister cried again and again, and she picked up the bend cucumber. She had her sister eat it. Knowing that she picked up the cucumber, her step mother was angry and hit her.

Few days later, her sister got sick and died. Timun Bengkok was looking for her father while singing a song. O’ Inaq, O amaq, adikku mate lantaran timun bengkok its mean “O, Mom, O Dad my sister died due to the cucumber. She found her father and walked home together. Her father was sure that the death was caused by her wife. He vorced her wife and then he lived with daughter happily.

Well, we may concluded the meaning on the folklore. When there is a selfish attitude, it will cause devastation to devastation in the family. Happy family have done the life time to understood each other. How to change bad habit and attitude is important, it can be solve our problems especially to made our happiness life 🙂


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