The Blues at The Best Match

The Blues at The Best Match

What a best match, I said that. On May 5, 2012 Saturday, I watched My fave football club Chelsea FC at FA Cup Final play against Liverpool FC. I believed thousands of fans were in Wembley Stadium at the time. Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC have done a battle for the most prestigious prize in club football. Well, both of club has great players and coach. The Blues Chelsea FC needed a change in the worst way, and they made the right decision by moving away from former manager Andre Villas-Boas and going with Roberto Di Matteo as the caretaker. Di Matteo now becomes the 16th man to win the competition as a player and a manager, and the scenes which greeted the victory were, in part, a tribute to the Italian who has steadied what appeared to be a sinking ship when he took control two months ago. Chelsea skipper John Terry said of the Wembley triumph “It’s fantastic, it’s what we live for.”

Didier Drogba and Ramires made goals in the match, They were Chelsea FC best player.  The Match was very important of clubs, coz it can be to show the quality of Premiere League. When Chelsea FC from London and Liverpool FC from Liverpool were competitive clubs in the world. Hurray, football, football, football! England was the country of football frenzy! Of course, Chelsea now awaits the Champions League final in two weeks, maintaining its strong play since Roberto Di Matteo became interim manager. Forza the Blues aka Chelsea FC and all fans in the world!


4 thoughts on “The Blues at The Best Match

  1. kurang paham mas bicara soal bola … 😀
    habis ga suka nonton bola sih …
    btw kalau ga lihat itu yg ngelike ada bro Irfan …
    udah aktif lagi ya … ?

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