The Twenty Six

This is going to be a difficult blog to write, and I may just continue to publish it. I cherish the times when the most amazing moments touch my time. I was thinking about this one today and wanted to share it with you all again. So, wish me luck on the next chapter. I have survived day and night. My next life chapter has been started, I dedicate the best praying to my parent that who have watched me crawl and walk and fall, they have shed much tears and spent days of worry for Me. And for my all best people in my time may God bless you and get the perfect love.

My journey was set in fully motion and emotion since twenty six years ago. I have been and I am still marching on. With every sunrise reminding me of my destiny and every sunset reminding me how to reflect on how much I have done so far to achieve my destiny. Through these daily inspirations and reflections. I was able and learn to grow from a playful little boy to the fine young man.

I just only know that all the people in my time are the great people. I will always care for them and they will always be my friends and I thank for their attention. However, this journey been progress, hopefully I will be an influence in their lives. Because They are merely a part of the whole that makes up my life, and helps guide my decision towards one of healthier resolve. Now I’m back for sharing. Wish all would have been better!


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