About Me

Assalamu’alaikum, hello!

Welcome to ENDRALIVE, it’s just My simple blog for shared place and there’s lot of mind here… How much do you know about it? Come with Me and let’s share together! It will be a good moment through the time and space…

Sasak Ethnic ClothI’m Muhammad Rosyihan Hendrawan, you can call Me Endra, I’m a recently graduated student of Library and Information Science, who wants to share and take many positive values. A little bit melancholy, because the history of My childhood that are still carried until today. In the course of my life (and maybe you also), sometime I’ve only opened my story for few. I learned early on that I must have been cursed, for everyone I loved at all my times either died or left. I was so self-supporting for it and even though my heart was hard but I still let some people in. Only to be fine over and over. Yeah I just want to be a good human with adab. Very appreciated about akhlaq within knowledge. I do love reading, researching library and information matters, watching scie-fi movies, backpacking, snorkeling, having a good time and mainly just getting obsessed with different things and subjects. Thanks for visited, I’m very appreciated for your all attentions. Ready for sharing? 1, 2, 3… Then let’s begin 🙂