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Before I even saw your face I felt so much in your words blogger. I just only know that you are the great people. I will always care for you and you will always be my friends and I thank you for your attention. Keep spirit to share guys.


Muhammad Rosyihan Hendrawan  🙂


49 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Salam, Mbk Nique, trima kasih ats knjungannya. Weiw sneng traveling juga yah, hehe, Lombok dengan hati ramahnya mnanti kedatangan Mbk, sy pun dgn snng hti mmbantu informasi yg dibtuhkan, Mbk bsa hubungi via email di : endralife[at]gmail[dot]com . Salam berbagi yah ^_^

  2. Ehehehe! I should have visited way earlier Hendrawan, and I’m sorry, but with all this studying… Ugh! 😀 I’m very lucky to have a friend like you, too!! 🙂

    Anyway! Let’s both hope 2012 everything will get better and in place! 😀
    Hmm, let me think! Here in Greece, we celebrate New Year simply…
    Well, my family and I, personally, gather together at either a house or a restaurant, night club, something… We eat and drink (as usual :D) and when 12 o’clock comes around we start kissing each other and wishing the best to the others. Um, sometimes I even send some SMS, or reply to those sent to me!
    This year we celebrated New Year in my house and I spent the last hours of 2011 playing with my cousins cards and even some boarding games. 😀 This could be one of the best times of last year for me! 🙂 Oof… I wrote so much 😀

    What about you?? How do you celebrate New Year there, Hendrawan?
    Yay! Let’s! 😀


    • 🙂 Weiw…Thanks a million. Heheh…I’m blushing. Nice celebration Cat. Wow .. you have a great family and friends. I spent New Year’s Eve with my dorm friends, yeah we passed with culinary together and visit some places in the city center, but the most interesting thing for me was when we pray together during the year has been changed. 😀

      Well, do you know in the early morning I get a lot of SMS from families and colleagues and the messages they convey the impression to a better in 2012 and of course I’m very happy, yay..especially since I can share anything with you until now Cat, Indeed, nice to know u 🙂


      • Mwahahaha! 😀 Don’t ever mention it Hendrawan! 🙂
        Well, about family yeah, I suppose so. About friends, I have to admit that after many false tries and many disappointments, I’ve finally managed to “choose correctly” the people I want to hang out with. And, everything concerning our friends is our choise, so we should be proud of it. Hehe! I’m rambling. 😀

        Ooh, that’s so cool! 😀 I visited some of my favorite places in Athens when I got there! Hehe!
        Haha, indeed it’s cool sharing those things with you, Hendrawan! 😀 Nice to know you, too!
        And, I don’t know if I have said ti before but the song you have here on your blog is awesome! 😀

        Oh, and thankies once again soooo much for passing by mine, Hendrawan! 🙂


  3. 🙂 Yeay..finally u come here…

    Thankies…How lucky I’m have a friend like you Cat, yeah I’m trying to fix in 2012, cz previously many events that make me learn, I hope you also better there with all that exists. Hiya..I want to know how you celebrate New Year there hehe. I’ll be waiting for you Cat, let’s rock n’ roll in 2012 😀


  4. Visiting your blog with the new year Hendrawan!
    And for the third time today I wish you all the best for 2012 (and always, for that matter :D)
    But, it’s okay! Wishes don’t cost and they’re good, so we can give as many as we want! Hehehe!
    I’ll be coming back again sooon! 😀
    To comment on your posts, too 😀


  5. Datang mengabarkan, link ENDRALIVE sudah duduk manis di sahabat irfan handi section E.
    Terimakasih telah berbagi methon. 🙂

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