Bunda Berkata

Bunda berkata…

Resapi saja

Lilin-lilin kecil

Terangi yang bathil

Basuhlah perih

Buyarkan sedih

Tulislah aksara

Ikatlah asa…

Malang, 22.01 pm




Rain has fallen

I know that…

I’ll never surrender

To the future

I believe…

I’ll find a better way

With my present

And modesty

Due to my destiny

With all honesty…

Semarang, 01.01 am

The Twenty Six

This is going to be a difficult blog to write, and I may just continue to publish it. I cherish the times when the most amazing moments touch my time. I was thinking about this one today and wanted to share it with you all again. So, wish me luck on the next chapter. I have survived day and night. My next life chapter has been started, I dedicate the best praying to my parent that who have watched me crawl and walk and fall, they have shed much tears and spent days of worry for Me. And for my all best people in my time may God bless you and get the perfect love.

My journey was set in fully motion and emotion since twenty six years ago. I have been and I am still marching on. With every sunrise reminding me of my destiny and every sunset reminding me how to reflect on how much I have done so far to achieve my destiny. Through these daily Continue reading


The day so tranquil
In the calm like my heart
I approach them
Although in the shadow
In a flash their face appeared
A casual smile
They are very near
Although in the reality is nothing
And that is only my daydreaming
But, I believe
They will do that…

23 Oktober 2011

“Untuk Bunda dan Ayah nan jauh di sana, ku persembahkan dari kesunyian yang selalu menghantamku di sini.”

Quote of the Week #5

“Ceritakanlah masa silam kepadaku, dan aku pun akan menceritakan masa depan.”


Menarilah Denganku

Usahlah engkau ratapi
Yang demikian dahulu
Engkau harus tetap menari
Hentakkan langkah jemarimu

Menangis saat hujan?
Aku tetap melihatmu
Berteriak saat gemuruh?
Aku tetap mendengarmu

Mari genggam erat jemariku
Menarilah denganku
Continue reading

Quote of the Week #4

“…tidak ada hati yang menderita mengejar impian, karena setiap detik pengejaran adalah detik pertemuan dengan Tuhan dan keabadian.

 (Paulo Cuelho on The Alchemist)